Welcome to Amager East

New to the neighborhood? Amager East Local Committee welcomes you to the most vibrant and authentic part of town

What is Amager East Local Committee? 

The local committee is 23 volunteers from Amager East who represent political parties, housing associations, the local business community as well as cultural and sports associations. The volunteers are devoted to ensure that local knowledge is taken into consideration when developing Amager East. The municipality furthermore always consults the Local Committee in matters that affect Amager East. 

What is Amager East?

If you find yourself east of Amagerbrogade you're in Amager East. Click here to see a map of Amager East in more details. On the map on the front page you can zoom in to get a closer look. 

Are you going to carry out an activity in Amager East?

The Local Committee distributes funds to activities that benefit the people in Amager East. Read more about the possibilities for applying funds here

Contact the secretariat

You are always welcome to contact the secretariat if you have any questions regarding Amager East. Our mail is aoelu@kk.dk.