Apply Bydelspuljen for funds

Bydelspuljen is a municipal fund that you can apply for your projects in Amager East

Who can apply?

Every citizen, organization, company or institution can apply Bydelspuljen. People under the age of 18 can apply with an adult.

To apply Bydelspuljen you need to send us

  1. An application form (download it here)
  2. Project description maximum two pages
  3. A budget (download template here)

As the material is in Danish please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Send the application to


Once the secretariat has received your application we will go through it and contact you with any questions that we might have. Afterwards the application is recommended for either refusal or support. The final decision is taken on the local committee meeting and you will receive an answer from the secretariat by mail the following day.


Please be aware that the support is granted as a guarantee against loss meaning that the payment will only happen after the project is carried through. Also, if the activity cost less than was granted by Bydelspuljen the paid amount will be corresponding to the deficit. 

The latest a month after the activity you will send us

  1. An overview of your financial accounting
  2. An evaluation form (download form here)
  3. Documentation that the project has been carried out

As the evaluation form is also in Danish, please let us know if you need any clarifications. 

Please remember to save your receipts as we pick 10% of the projects for financial control.

Once we have approved your accounting we will transfer the support to your NEM-account, which is why we need either your CVR or CPR-number.

The evaluation of the project will be publicly accessible on our webpage. The accounting will not.

Use of logo

If you have received support for your project you need to use the logo of the local committee in your promotional material and in any mentions of the project. Download the logo here.

If you have any questions regarding Bydelspuljen please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat, who will gladly help you out. 

Get inspired

Get inspiration from projects and activities that The Local Committee has supported. See the pictures here

Bydelspuljen does not support

  • Study trips, vacations
  • Parties and activities that only apply to members of an association
  • Activities that are directly the responsibility of municipal administrations
  • Initiatives that have taken place or have begun.
  • Political or religious activities with elements of preaching or propaganda
  • Salary to municipal institutions and salary to the participation of municipal employers in the supported event.